Protection Against Auto Insurance Fraud

Preventing Auto Insurance Fraud


Car insurance fraud is on the rise, and it affects every driver, whether you know it or not. Even if you are not directly involved, the widespread existence of insurance scams leads to increased premium costs in policies and longer waits for your insurance claims to be processed.


If you are directly involved, you can be swindled, suffer negative effects on your driving record, or even suffer injuries from a staged accident.


Accident-Related Fraud


Accidents make up some of the more devastating types of car insurance fraud cases. They can cost the victim time and money and may even result in injuries.


An accident-related fraud incident is often referred to as a “hard car insurance scam.”


Hard Car Insurance Scams


A hard car insurance scam happens when one person or multiple individuals cause an accident on purpose with the intention of filing insurance claims and making money.


The FBI describes multiple common scenarios that include one or more dishonest drivers and may include planted witnesses.


Example: A driver waves you forward to merge, accelerates to plow into you as you try to merge, and later denies that he gestured you forward.


Safe Driving for Accident Prevention


Protect yourself by driving safely, and always keep a substantial distance from vehicles in front of you. Insurance fraudsters love tailgaters; following a car too closely can create an easy set-up for a staged auto accident.


To learn more, visit our page on staged accidents.